Safety Through Engineering   




Techlok Connection Technology:



  • Up to 70% Lighter than API or Ansi Flanges
  • Typically 40% Shorter;
  • Torque Requirement are typically up to 50% Less than API Flange;
  • No bolt hole alignment, Only 4-bolts compared to 8 to 24  


 ***Self Energized Bore Seal Techlok seals do not leak ***


Techlok connectors can withstand considerable bending moments/forces and axial loading under pressure without or bolts becoming loose increasing safety, protecting life and environment eliminating down time



Quicker make up & break out - Several Techlok can be assembled & disassemble in the time it takes for a single API flange, No Down time. 


Fracmaster Systems are engineered, design and built for specific and specialized applications and not assemble from conventional parts, they are designed by taking into account all safety and environmental consideration first.


Fracmaster is a forward thinking technology based company with initiative ideas and concepts specializing in Safety Systems, Critical Services and Equipment with patents issued, waiting to be issued and provisional’s filed.